1. All matches are to be played on Summoner’s Rift on Tournament Draft mode. The matches are best of 3 games.
  2. The teamcaptains/coaches of each team decide on the exact time the match is to be played.
  3. If your match is not streamed live on, the blue side’s captain/coach sends a replay to including a screenshot showing the picks/bans.
  4. Any matches that weren’t played in the weeks they were planned need to be played on the predetermined weeks. If a match is not played within the month following the end of the season, both teams receive a loss. In the case that one team has repeatedly refused to reach an agreement on the match planning, documentation can be sent to the committee who will then reach a verdict.
  5. All players need to be members of Dorans.
  6. Any team can have one substitute. The name, summoner name and role need to be passed on to the opponent at least 24 hours before the match is to be played. The opponent has the right to veto any substitute. The substitute also needs to be a member of Dorans.
  7. If a team cancels a match in the 24 hours prior to the start of the match, the team responsible for the cancellation will lose the first three bans in the pick/ban phase of the first game. If a match is cancelled within an hour of the starting time, the cancelling team will receive an auto-loss for the entire series. If the reason for a cancellation is valid, these rules are void: the committee decides on the validity of any such claims.
  8. If there is a tie at the end of the competition, a deciding best of 3 games or best of 1 game will be played, at the teams’ discretion. If these matches do not reveal a winner, the number of games won will be used to declare the winner.
  9. The team at the left-hand side of the match schedule will have side selection for the first game of the match. The team with side selection will then alternate between games.
  10. For every ten minutes late to a match, a team loses one ban (in the first ban phase) in every individual game. After 40 minutes late, a team loses the entire series. If a team is more than 30 minutes late for a match after rescheduling (see rule 7), that team will receive an auto-loss for the match.
  11. The allotted time for every Best of 3 is 3 hours. If there are at least 55 minutes left before the start of the third game, it has to be played. If this is not possible, the offending team will receive a loss for the game that cannot be started.
  12. Breaks in between two games are 5 minutes by default, but can be extended at the discretion of both teams.
  13. The shoutcaster(s) has (have) the deciding vote in the event that the rules do not cover a conflict. If the match is not supervised by shoutcasters, contact the internal competition committee.
  14. By participating in the Dorans Internal Competition, the teams and their players accept that the matches will be streamed on Twitch and subsequently be uploaded to Youtube.
  15. In the event of a champion release or rework, the champion in question is banned by default in internal competition matches until a full week has passed since its release.

The following actions will be punished accordingly.

  1. Using a cheat (program)
  2. Intentionally disconnecting from a game
  3. Intentionally losing a game.
  4. Exploiting any bugs in the game
  5. Unneccessarily pausing the game.