These are the rules and guidelines for borrowing the Dorans laptop.

Who can borrow the laptop?

The laptop can be borrowed by members of Dorans, or by people that are interested in joining and that want to try a training. Both members and non-members need to have a good reason for not bringing their own laptop, be it a broken laptop or still considering the purchase of one. The laptop can also be borrowed during tournaments, but this can only be done by members.
If multiple members want to borrow the laptop at the same time, our policy is ‘first come first serve’.

Under what circumstances can the laptop be borrowed?

Whenever the laptop is borrowed, a member of the board should always be present to oversee and facilitate the use.

How long can the laptop be borrowed?

The laptop can be borrowed for one entire training, or for the duration of a complete tournament. After this the laptop has to be returned to the storage of Dorans in the ‘Library of Science’. If the Library of Science is closed after a tournament, the laptop should be taken home by a member of the board and the next day it should be returned. The laptop can never be taken home by someone else than a member of the board.
The laptop is meant as an incidental solution, it should be a temporary solution for someone that has no laptop. Therefore the laptop should not be borrowed more than once or twice by the same person. For special circumstances this limit can be overridden, such as when the repair of someone’s laptop takes a long period of time. In longer term use a new user might get priority over the long term user, independent of the ‘first come first serve’ policy. This is decided by the board.

How can the laptop be borrowed?

The laptop can be borrowed by mailing Only after confirmation of the board, the laptop will be granted. Because of this it is important to mail well in advance.

BEWARE: If you are going to use the laptop, don’t forget to bring your own mouse, there is a mouse available, but it is of poor quality.