Due to covid-19 there will be no on site tournaments or trainings!


Since Dorans is officially a student sports association, we aim to support players from all games that can be seen as esports. Currently, the games that we have weekly practice sessions for are League of Legends and Rocket League. These are both games that require players to work together very well, and practising with your teammates in the same room on a weekly basis will build up a teams level of teamwork. Besides the games we practice on a weekly basis, we organise LAN-parties and tournaments throughout the year for other games like Super Smash Bros, Hearthstone, or any other game that is popular at that moment.

League of Legends


At Dorans we organize weekly practice sessions for League of Legends. This is done in fixed 5-man teams of similar skill. Any team can apply for coaching as well. The coach will attend most practice sessions and give advice about mechanics positioning, strategy, etc.

We hold practise sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 18:30 to 21:30, in HG00.068 and HG00.062 in the Huygens building (RU). If you are interested you can stop by at any of these sessions to see if it is something you’d enjoy. We recommend bringing a laptop, which is required in the long term, but we can lend out one laptop every practice session.

Internal Competition

Every year is divided into two seasons: Autumn (November – February) and Spring (March – June). Each of these seasons we hold a competition divided into 2-3 pools, depending on the number of teams. The pools are arranged according to the skill level of the teams. The games are played every two weeks in best of 3 format.

Selection teams

Dorans currently has two selection teams for League of Legends, Dorans Vrouwelijk Blauw and Dorans Mannelijk Roze. They are participating in the Dutch College League Premier League, which is regarded as the highest level league among students in The Netherlands.

Super Smash Bros.

Next to League of Legends, Dorans organises a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament every two weeks. These tournaments are open to the public for 5 euro’s and free for members. If you’re considering becoming a member you can check out one tournament for free! The date and the location of these tournaments can be found on our facebook page and our schedule.

Rocket League

Since a few years Dorans has added Rocket league to the list of games being played on location. Every week we come together with all kinds of ranks and play some fun matches together. Besides a fun, casual experience we also try to compete in national and international competitions with our selection team. Apart from the weekly training sessions we organize an open Rocket League tournament every year.


With the rise of a national student competition Dorans plans to expand into the CS:GO scene. Although there is the opportunity to grow into the selection team you don’t have to be a one-tapping god to play at Dorans. Most of the fun comes from the community which we hope to welcome this year!