Rudo ‘dirco’ Brus

Rudo ‘dirco’ Brus was proclaimed to be the first honorary member of Dorans on the 15th of March 2017! An honor he most certainly deserves. Rudo has been with the association from day one, being one of its founding members. Besides being among the founding members of Dorans, Rudo has accomplished multiple feats for Dorans:

  • Rudo took on the role of secretary in the first board
  • Rudo was chairman of Dorans in its second board
  • He has been active in the activities committee 2017-2018
  • He has advised the third board as a part of the advice committee in 2017-2018
  • He was a part of the board selection committee twice
  • Rudo was the jungler for Dorans Alpha, in which he consistenly ranked highly in both national and international events
  • Has put a lot of time and effort into the selection teams as a whole.
  • He helped put together the rules for the Esports Game Arena (EGA)
  • Still plays in some of the competitions on location organised by Dorans as of 2023

Rudo, the effort you’ve put into Dorans is greatly appreciated, and you’ve earned the honorary membership title! Congratulations!

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