This year we decided to continue the tradition of Stream Week! During this week members of Dorans have a chance to show off their favourite games and activities to the rest of the world!

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Monday 17th 19:00 – Horror Game Night with Jochem
Keeping up the tradition, Jochem is going to play a horror game! It will likely be The mortuary assistant, but it might also be decided with a community poll. Come and watch Jochem get jump scared, because this game is a scary one.

Tuesday 18th 17:00 – Jari’s Cooking Show
Jari will be streaming how he cooks up a nice dish. He will be joined by Nienke W and maybe some other members. Be ready to clip it when the kitchen burns down, and title it: “who let him cook?”

Tuesday 18th 20:30 – The Long Drive with Nanno
Time for some goofy game. Have you heard of this one? You have to prepare your car for a road trip in a deserted landscape. More dangerous than the enormous rabbits are the wacky physics that never behave as expected.

Wednesday 19th 12:00 – Elden Ring Randomizer Race with Kasper 
Kasper is doing a randomizer race in Elden Ring. To make it even more exciting, he will be competing against Jochem! Scenes will be switched so that you can watch the competition from both perspectives.

*Kasper and Jochem are still looking for people to join them in the competition! send them a message if you are interested.*

Wednesday 19th 20:30 – Lego Racers Speedrun with Stijn
He is the OG of stream week. Every year he speedruns a fun and original game on stream and has even organised stream week by himself. Now he is back with the old-school Lego racers! Come and sniff some nostalgia, but don’t blink too much or he might already have finished.

Thursday 20th 12:00 – Shiny Pokémon Hunt with Matthijs
Probably the biggest Pokémon fanatic we all know. Matthijs will be hunting shinies in Pokémon Violet. Trust me, he will be able to entertain you for the whole 6 hours.

Thursday 20th 19:00 – Guilty Gear with Thijs
Thijs will be competing in an online Guilty Gear tournament! Let him show you this game you might or might not be familiar with.

Friday 21st 14:00 – MeiMei’s League Climb to Diamond
Completing Minecraft in an hour might be difficult, but MeiMei reaching Diamond is probably near impossible! Come cheer her on and who knows how far she can get.

Friday 21st 20:30 – Co-op Games with Nienke W
Yes, you might be able to join some games yourself! Nienke W will host a variaty of co-op games. Will it be crab game, Gartic Phone or something completely different? Come find out.

Saturday 22nd 14:00 – Surviving the Apocalypse with Maurits
Does a zombie apocalypse game sound boring to you? I can tell you this one is not. With the endless gameplay mechanics, you will always find a new way to die. Watch Maurits rage when he dies trying to flee through a broken window or accidentally setting himself on fire when coming too close to a campfire.

Saturday 22th 20:30 – The Bart^2 Special with Bart and Bart
After the interactive Risk of Rain stream, they are back! The inseparable duo Bart & Bart will this time come with a special that will stay a secret until the stream starts. Tune in to see what they are up to!

Sunday 23rd 19:00 – Learning to Draw with Robbie
This is your chance to learn how to draw! Robbie will show you the process of drawing from start to finish. In case you didn’t know, she makes all of the designs for the activity announcements. She is joined by Bart, Jari and both Nienkes. If you don’t want to draw, you can also just enjoy this cozy stream by watching under a blanket.