At Dorans we organize weekly practice sessions for League of Legends. This is done in fixed 5-man teams of similar skill. Any team can apply for coaching as well. The coach will attend most practice sessions and give advice about mechanics positioning, strategy, etc.

Practice sessions are held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening from 18:30 to 21:30, in HG00.068 and HG00.062 in the Huygens building (RU). If you are interested you can stop by at any of these sessions to see if it is something you’d enjoy. A laptop is strongly recommended and required in the long term, but we do have one laptop to lend every practice session.

Internal Competition

Every year is divided into two seasons: Autumn (November – February) and Spring (March – June). Each of these seasons we hold a competition divided into 2-3 pools, depending on the number of teams. The pools are arranged according to the skill level of the teams. The games are played every two weeks in best of 3 format.