Team sign-ups

With the year slowly starting up so does our competitive scene.
Whether you just want a team to play with or want to compete at the highest level we are here to try to find you a team.
Below you can find the links to the sign-up for four of our biggest games:
League of Legends, VALORANT, Rocket League and CS2.



Rocket League


There are three options in each form, you can sign up as a full team, sign up as a partial team looking for players and sign up solo to try to find a team.
The sign-ups will close Tuesday the 19th of September after which we will try to make the teams as quickly as possible to allow you to play with your teammates before the DCES (formerly Academy League) starts on the 9th of October.

So please, sign up, get your friends to sign up or sign up as a full team!
We hope to see you online!