Welcome to Dorans’ first Lustrum week! Every day we will stream games on our main stream twitch.tv/DoransEsports (shown above) and on our members stream twitch.tv/DoransMembers our members will show their speedrunning skills to the world. Participate in the games on the main stream by showing up and if needed sign up using the entry forms! Streams during the week will go online around 19:00 and somewhere in the afternoon during the weekend. Schedule for the main stream (updated as the week goes on):

Minecraft server: mc.dorans.nl:1337

The Civilization stream is live on twitch.tv/DoransEsports! The game starts at 19:00.

Mon 11: Dorans Minecraft server opening & Teamfight Tactics Tournament (1st: Lenpai, 2nd: Laureh, 3rd: Dirco, Jochemrex, McKrocket)
Tue 12: Rocket League evening
Wed 13: Jackbox & Codenames
Thu 14: Age of Empires
Fri 15: Dark Souls 3 speedrun & Cookie Clicker speedrun (1st: Jeop, 2nd: JasonAxe)
Sat 16: Civilization V (entry form, lobby opens at 18:00, game starts at 19:00)
Sun 17: League of Legends Tournament (entry form)

Even if you’re not participating in the games, come say hi in the chat!