Dorans has a number of committees dedicated to a single purpose. These are described below. If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please send them an e-mail.

Activity Committee
The activity committee organises all non-e-sport related activities, such as the monthly drinking gatherings (borrels), droppings, bowling and the diner rouler.
Tournament Committee
The tournament committee organises or assists in organising a number of tournaments, both external and internal. They have brought us the ARAM-tournament, Mystery Games and a closed tournament for Dorans teams. They also assist in organising the LCN.
Internal Competition Committee
The technical committee busies itself with the internal competition. For any information surrounding the competition you can contact the committee at any time.
Media Committee
The media committee makes all Dorans media. This means they take pictures and video during activities, and they design posters and flyers. So if you attend a lot of activities and like taking photos, send them an e-mail.
Website Committee
The website committee maintains the Dorans website. On the website you can find an agenda, the standings of the internal competition and the latest Dorans news.
Sponsorship committee
The sponsorship committee searches for new and maintains their old sponsorship partners. These sponsorships help maintain the association’s ability to provide services and events for its members.
Financial Committee
The financial committee keeps tabs on the treasurer and the bank account. They also check the financial reports and all income and expenditure. This committee is chosen at the first ALV every year and is fixed for the rest of the year.
Advice Committee
The advice committee are 4-5 people, mostly former board members and others with experience in associations. The advice committee advices the board during the year by having regular moments to speak with the board.
Sollicitation Committee
The sollocitation committee is a yearly fresh committee tasked with finding a new board for Dorans. They interview candidates and present a candidate board towards the end of the year.