Craft beer tasting

Date(s) - 22/01/2021
20:00 - 23:00


“Good day to all you lonely suckers! I’m here to announce a very special event. How special? Well at least more special than you! That’s for sure… And this event is not for the light hearted, you need to have GUTS! Or at least a decent liver. Why is this event special? Well because we are drinking specialty beer of course! Well, I mean, only those who have GUTS! are drinking. All you others are sucking your mo….”

“Yes, yes, that’s enough of that old chap,”


“Dear reader, I sincerely apologize. Details for the event are down below. I very well hope to see you there. And know, you are by no means a sucker. Good day,”

The craft beer tasting event is organized by Dorans and hosted on twitch by Tappers, our friendly neighbourhood bar. As a Dorans member it only costs you 7,50,- and if you live in Nijmegen then the beer will be brought to your doorstep on Thursday the day before. If you don’t live in Nijmegen then you can pick up the specialty beer package close to the university (details in the form). The event will take place on Friday the 22th of January at 20:00 (CET) on Twitch. We will be playing a pub quiz about beers and have a good ‘ol time. If this sounds like the kind of event you like, then make sure to join!

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