Longest Stream Yet

Yesterday was a legendary evening. The stream of the internal competition of Dorans reached a record time. Two matches were planned yesterday en these were streamed right after one another. The first match was between ‘Salt and Beer’ and ‘Ons Geheimpje’ and came to a very exiting 1 – 1 record, resulting in a third and final match. This match was really close for a long time and ended beautifully with Ons Geheimpje almost finishing with an “Expeke” play, only to find the enemy inhibitor respawning at a very unfortunate moment! After this, Salt and Beer managed to take the win for themselves!

After al this action the stream immediately switched to the match between ‘Fedorans’ and ‘Øfficial Dørans Døwnies’. The shoutcasters didn’t get a moment of rest with the intense level 1 play of both teams. Regardless of their almost “Full AD” team comp in the first match, Fedorans managed to win the ‘best of three’ with two wins in a row. Like their support ‘Gelukkig ik’ explained: “Hey, hey, almost full AD, with ZYRA? That is totally mixed damage!”. After these five matches the shoutcasters had been working for a full 4 hours and 55 minutes. I think a speak for all of Dorans if I say: Thanks for all your hard work!


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