E-sport offering

  • League of Legends

    League of Legends

    League of Legends is a MOBA type game, played by the majority of Dorans Players

  • Smash Bros

    Smash Bros

    Smash Bros is the popular platform fighting game on the Nintendo consoles.

  • Rocket League

    Rocket League

    Rocket league is a game where you play football (among other sports) by driving a car!

  • Hearthstone


    Hearthstone is the most popular cards game and so far the only card game played at Dorans


Dorans has won and placed high in many national and international tournaments.

About Dorans

About Dorans

Dorans is the e-sports association for students studying at the RU or HAN. Dorans was founded on January 14th, 2015 by four enthusiastic students. Currently Dorans only offers coaching in League of Legends, but we are keeping updates on which esports are hot and try to add them if there are enough people who are interested. Dorans allows students to play esports on a competitive level. We also accomodate a tight community by allowing players a shared practice location and a lot of other fun activities.


  • Hielke van Breukelen

    Hielke van Breukelen

    Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the 2018-2019 board

  • Stijn Everink

    Stijn Everink

    Secretary of the 2018-2019 board

  • Gijs Jacobs

    Gijs Jacobs

    Chairman of the 2018-2019 board

  • Coen van Hooft

    Coen van Hooft

    Treasurer of the 2018-2019 board

  • Jan Uwe Feldmann

    Jan Uwe Feldmann

    Commisioner of External Affairs of the 2018-2019 board


Latest updates

  • Langste Stream Ooit

    Gisteren was een legendarische avond. De stream van de interne competitie van Dorans heeft een recordtijd bereikt. Er waren gisteravond twee wedstrijden gepland en deze zijn achter elkaar op de stream verschenen. Dee eerste wedstrijd was tussen ‘Salt and Beer’ en ‘Ons Geheimpje’ en kwam tot een zeer spannende 1 – 1 tussenstand en ging […]

  • Nieuwjaar!

    De eerste helft van het jaar is afgelopen en het was geweldig. De interne competitie was erg spannend en de ‘Mid Year Invitational’ die het seizoen mocht afsluiten was erg vet! Felicitaties voor ‘The Scientific Approach’ voor het winnen van het toernooi. Nu we allemaal de tijd hebben gehad om bij te komen en in […]

  • Open trainingen Dorans E-sports

    Below you will find the schedule for open training events of Dorans. If you have one, please bring your laptop. On this training sessions we will only showcase League of Legends, but if you are with multiple people, you can play other things. You can also come by to get a taste of how things […]

Keep in Touch

If you are interested in joining the association, contact us at one of our social media pages or visit us at one of our traning sessions. There is always someone from the board around who is willing to help you out. The training sessions are at Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday from 18:30 to 21:30 in HG00.062 and HG00.068 in the Huygens Building.


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